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photo: Jazzy Berlin jam session at Katerholzig

 by Anthony Toto Toci 

Tour promotion for a local Jazz Band

The tour promotion is intended for the artistic development of professionally working musicians and music groups. Funding will be given to tour projects in Germany, which serve to raise awareness, and are also suitable for representing the current Berlin music scene in the rest of Germany.


The musicians and / or the groups are identified by their artistic work and prove this with appropriate work samples.

They have a special reason for a tour (eg release of a new sound carrier, a new cast, an exclusive musical program - also in cooperation with a guest -, first away performances, in special cases also a jubilee amongst others)

There should be no major breaks between the performances.

Only tour projects that have not started yet can be promoted.

The musicians and the majority of the group live and work in Berlin.

Single appearances, benefit concerts, showcases for record companies, pure foreign tours u. Ä. As well as tours as (unpaid) pre-program are excluded from the promotion.

Scope of promotion

The tour promotion is awarded as a scholarship for the participating musicians. Per musician or musician (and possibly for a sound engineer) and concert can be applied for a flat rate of 80,00 €.

Period of the tender

The tour promotion is usually offered twice a year.

Application position

Please note the additional information in the current information sheet when submitting your application.

Information Sheet Touring Jazz 

PDF-Document (32.9 kB) - Status: March 2018


Annex 1 "Tour schedule" Tour promotion Jazz

DOC-Document (37.0 kB) - Status: March 2018


Annex 2 "Members, project participants" Tour promotion Jazz

DOC document (50.5 kB) - Status: March 2018


Please submit the application - and all attachments - electronically.

* Access to the online application process

More applications options: Here 



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