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Jam session list:

Jam session list: update for November 2022/3

Jazzy Berlin Jam session at Klunkerkranich from March 23'

Every first Sunday of the month  18.00-22.00 - Information 

Antonello - Jazz Jam bar Bobu

Müggelstrasse 9 10247 Berlin, Germany

Every Tuesday 20.00 - link

 Female Jam Alte Feuerwache

Friedrichshain Jazz & Latin Session

Check dates - link 

Hat bar

Every night a Jam 9-12pm

La Minga Bar

jam session every Thursday at 8pm

 in Prenzlauer Berg, Stargarder Straße 33

Zig Zag Jam session 

Every Tuesday 

Robin Nest Jam session - B flay Jazz Club

Wednesdays 9pm 

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