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Jazzy Like to keep it cool and personal. From October 2019 Jazzy will add no more new subscribers to our Jazzy community, instead, we will keep the contacts with the people who have joined until now. We are doing this to grow, to flourish and hopefully to meet more of you here in Berlin, in a personal way. If you passionately wish to join us, send us a mail with a little note about you. 

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Jazzy Berlin All You Need To Know About Jazz In Berlin

Klixst. no' 1 10823; Berlin, Germany  
For Local Jazz events suggestions Contact us! 

Founder Avi Albers Ben Chamo 
ComposerVisual Artist | Bass player 
For collaborations please send me a message -
Musicians and bands please notice we are not a concert hall. For concerts requests please contact the clubs directly. 
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Jazzy Berlin Community 

A Guide for the Jazzy side of Berlin

In Berlin you will find Jazz events around the clock. How to deal with so much information? Each Friday noon - The founder of Jazzy Berlin will collect and will send you up to five selected Jazz events. 

What is the band like? What kind of atmosphere can you expect in the club? Established locations are considered as well as smaller unknown clubs - You are welcome to join the journey into the night, and review the last issue - Here

The New Jam Session Experience. Join us for an unforgettable nights with the New Jazzy Berlin Jam Session Experience”Meet the finest musicians from the local scene, and share with us our mission to spread the word of Jazz. Jazzy Jam is taking place preferably in places untypical for Jazz like the 2013 KaterHolzig, 2014 Neue Heimat, 2015- now Klunkerkranich, .From March 2023 Jazzy will open his 8th year at Klunkerkranich, join us for the opening night. 

Soon. Jazz will come back big time. “In the 20s the Jazz musicians were the DJs. Their music made the people dance”. "Jazz should be accessible for everyone. It’s our dream to get Jazz back to the front stage and to enthuse as many people as possible. Take part. 

Jazzy Berlin