Jazz In The GDR

AMIGA Recored Label     By Jazzy Berlin

A Record Monopoly 

Ernst Busch was a lucky guy. At 1947 he got a license for a record label in East Germany called AMIGA. It was the Soviet Military Administration who gave him the permission.

The Music Boss In The GDR

Ernst Busch started as a german singer and an actor in the 1920's Berlin cabaret scene.

From Pop Music To Jazz

The label AMIGA was releasing different music record genres: Rock Music, Pop Music, Folk and as a Jazz with his sub label AMIGA Jazz. The label was releasing close to one jazz album in a month.

Controlled Jazz By The GDR 

Because of political reasons some records were never officially published.

At that time AMIGA was the main channel for Jazz music in the German Democratic Republic, (GDR). 

The End?

*Since 1994 AMIGA is a part of Bertelsmann Music Group, (BMG), the world's third largest music publisher.