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After 1.5 year we created a community of old a new cool Jazz fans in town. How? we don't look at our collages as numbers, every single person is a big Jazz world for us to learn from. So, how can we help you to be in the front?

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Jazz clubs in Berlin Fb Group 

The local Jazz center

If you want to say somthing Jazzy in Berlin, it looks like everybody' is there.

Our Facebook group is a live place for local jazz fans and musicians to post there shows. We are also promoting shows from our site in the group on a daily base. Visit

Berlin projects - jazzy jam session in the KaterHolzig

Jazzy Berlin projects are innovative, in the spirit of jazz. one of our project is the new JB experience jam session in one of the famous Electro/ Techno clubs in germany the katerholzig Jam page. our new project is the Berlin Jazz Boat.

Jazz in Berlin and out

With 4000 fans it's the window for all the international jazz musicians that visiting the city to be updated. Visit


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*Privet mailing list to all our local Berlin jazz fans
*An add and description on Jazz in berlin (4255 subscribers)
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