Avi Albers Ben Chamo



Avi Albers Ben Chamo (1973) is an Israeli narrative artist based in Berlin, who is active as a painter, musician and composer.

Born in Haifa's Bat Galim neighborhood, he studied composition in Berlin with composer Gilad Hochman, composer and Bach researcher Professor Derek Remes, and choir conductor Eran Zehavi. Avi is a self-taught painter. 

He created some of his narrative paintings as a private commission, based on different subjects with human aspects, such as "Menopause""Good and Evil", as a reflection of the tension between the two forces within an individual. "A Woman with a Guitar," the musician's love-hate relationship with her guitar, and "Happiness," his current work, which wishes to reflect human beings' graceful connection to nature.

Exhibitions 2022

Solo exhibition Maroquinerie, Gallery Stanton. 20.8-20.9.22  Haifa, Israel

Group exhibition with Reiner Hess - The Kiosk People 28,9-2.10.22 Art space, Indie head Alexanderplatz Berlin 

Tour dates 2022

01.04.22 Berlin Philharmonie mit Guy Braunstein
07.04.22 DAI, Heidelberg
09.04.22 LA NUIT DE LA CULTURE, Esch-Sur-Alzette (LX)
03.06.22 Mündner Kulturring, Münden
04.06.22 Kulturkirche, Lippoldsberg
26.06.22 Asphalt Festival mit Liraz, Düsseldorf
06.07.22 Festival Kunstdünger, Hamm
07.07.22 Festival Gegen den Strom, Dausenau
11.09.22 Kaiser-Otto Platz, Meschede
17.09.22 Baukunstarchiv, Dortmund
18.09.22 Haus Siekmann, Sendenhorst
21.09.22 Multiphonics mit Shirley Brill, Wuppertal
22.09.22 Multiphonics mit Shirely Brill, Köln
01.10.22 Klosterkirche, Moringen
02.10.22 tba, Dortmund 
06.10.22 Prinzregententheater mit G. Braunstein, München 
30.10.22 Jazztage mit G. Braunstein, Dresden 
05.11.22 Laieszhalle mit G. Braunstein, Hamburg 
18.11.22 Gewandhaus mit G. Braunstein, Leipzig 
24.11.22 E-Werk Freiburg


Paintings | Choral works | Jazz études 

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Avi Albers Ben Chamo - The Animals In The Garden