Avi Albers Ben Chamo



The Falafel People

Currently I paint the "Falafel People", a collection of paintings that reflect light and hope, a meeting point where political issues are forgotten for a brief moment, letting other aspects come to life such as friendship, family, relationships and community. 

Why falafel?

The inspiration for this painting series came from Henry Matisse and Picasso. I like the simple structure of their paintings, the hopeful bright colors, the sometimes childlike style which is everything but childish.

What falafel means to me?

Walking in the street with my father and mother as a child, hearing them laughing while holding hands. A safe place, home.


Born in 1973 in Haifa, Israel, Avi studied window shop decorator (window dresser) at the WizoAcademy of design and education Haifa, and became a main designer for Solgar Israel at the age 21. Later he was a main decorator for the department store Hamashbir Nazareth and for other home and interior design shops in Israel. In 2010 Avi moved to Berlin, Germany. At the summer of 2020 he started working in his new studio drawing and paintings at schuneberg, Berlin. Avi took part in a few group exhibitions and now working on his first exhibition. 

Why my page is on this Jazz Site? I'm also a musician (contrabass) playing in the Israel-Iran culture bridge hope project Sistanagila. When I arrived to Berlin I had a wish to build a Jazz community, with the dream to bring Jazz back to the streets. 10 years after and this community is growing thriving and still working hard to keep this mission alive. 

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Avi Albers Ben Chamo - The Animals In The Garden