Jazzy Berlin Bandstand tour 2018 

A group of musicians from Berlin jazz 
Scene will join Jazzy Berlin bandstand 2018, 
to explore and tour the city. Follow us.

Sharp Un amplified old school Jazz  

Having featured regularly at the popular 
Berlin clubs, Kater Holzig, Neue Heimat 
and Klunkerkranich, they will now be experimenting solid groovy Jazz nights 
at the Back of your palace.

21.3.18 - Klunkerkranich / Information - Here 
22.3.18 - The Butcher / Information - Here 
25.4.18 - Gretchen The New J' / After Ed Motta's concert in the back room. Information - Here

Daniel Allen Oberto - trumpet

(born 1979, Holguin, Cuba) aka El Congo Allen started playing the trumpet at the age of nine. Classical jazz, the art of improvisation and experiments with Afro-Cuban and electronic sounds characterize his style. He studied at the Conservatory in Holguin and in Havana and shared the stage with renowned artists such as Lauryn Hill, UB40, Sargento Garcia, Max Herre, Jean Paul, Marilyn Manson and Eric Clapton. He is active at the Berlin Jazz Scene and since 2012 he is a regular guest as a part Jazzy Berlin Jam session bandstand. 

Thibault Falk - Pianist

 was born in Le Puy-en-Velay (France) near Lyon. In February 1997 he decided to give up his hobby and went to Berlin, where he completed his studies in jazz and popular music at the Academy of Music "Hanns Eisler" and won the 2002 Jazz & Blues Award in Berlin's Jury Prize with Jean-Paul Bourelly and the Audience Award. Thibault Falk played with Kenny Martin, Michael Clifton, Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Ray Blue, Carlos Bica and Michael Kersting. In 2007 and 2008 he spent time in Dubai and Lausanne for musical engagements. Since then he is very active in the Berlin Jazz and Latin music scene. 

Avi Albers Ben Cham - bassist

is a bassist, artist and jazz entrepreneur in the City of Berlin. Avi is an intrepid innovator of jazz jams and a fierce voice for jazz in his adopted city. The founder of Jazzy Berlin had a dream to take jazz out of the jazz clubs to more people and he went about doing that in Berlin with his unique Jazz Guide, and with the Jazzy Berlin Jam Sessions. Since 2012, these have run at the Katerholzig techno club, then the Neu Heimat and in 2016/17 at Klunkerkarnich and Anita Berber. 

Shinichi Nakajima - Drummer 

Shinchini started playing drums when he was studying physic at Kobe University in Japan. After that, he moved to Tokyo, learn music for one year with Masahiko Osaka, one of the best jazz drummers in Japan, and then started playing at Jazz clubs and music festivals in Tokyo and other cities. Since 2014, he moved his base to Berlin, he is active in the local jazz scene.

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Each concert is a new chapter:

The Butcher Jazz Life/ by Avi Albers Ben Chamo

I was a little afraid of this man but also fascinated. To meet a butcher today in Berlin is not a daily sight. But to be a Butcher today in Berlin is quite a normal work for artists and young people with a big mustache. But my butcher wasn't that kind of guy. He was a man, a real man with wrinkles and a chilly stare. He had no need for a mustache. From the first minute I saw him, I could feel the tragedy, his tragedy. He was a tragedy. But funnily no one saw it. When you saw him holding the knife in his old and clean shop in Barabarossa Street, close to where Albert Einstein lived for a minute, he seemed full of excitement. And everybody loved him for this. But I saw something else. Maybe because I am a shy person myself. I saw embarrassment. 

George the Butcher never answered his mobile phone while working, and for this my German neighbor Elfie loved him even more. "He's a real gentleman", he was fully concentrated when he cut my Aberdeen Angus. George didn't like music, and most of all he hated Jazz, the 'ting 'ting of the drums could drive him crazy. But he never complained. He knew how to please his costumers with his street knowledge about everything, even on John Coltrane and his solar system theory: "The sun is not the only cause of auroras in the solar system. In the case of Jupiter's moon lo, a green, red and blue aurora is caused by the interaction with the magnetosphere of the giant planet rather then with our star''. After a short pause I proclaimed with him unisono: "Stars like thoughts, are not inevitable". George was passing Elfie a paper bag with her fine Aberdeen piece and I swear, at night she was dreaming about the butcher making love to her. What Alphie didn't know was that George was quoting Amy Leach and others from his Google books screen under the dead meat.