Berlin Jazz clubs

Zig Zag - Cozy and local jazz/ Jazz Boat Berlin - Live Jazz for the weekend/  A Trane - International Jazz club/ Spinnrad - Jazz and BluesYorckschlösschen - Jazz & blues/ B Flat - International and ethnic Jazz / Quasimodo - Jazz funk and soul/ JazzKeller69 - Free Jazz/ Schlot - local International Jazz/ Sowieso - Jazz and art/ Jazzy Berlin - The New Jazz Jam Experience/ 

Jazzy Berlin Selected Jazz Events 


In Berlin you will find Jazz events around the clock. You can find events by visiting the club page program above, or enjoy Jazzy Berlin Selected events in a personal way, via mail only. Each Friday noon - up to five selected events are presented for the following week, with insider knowledge by Avi Albers ben Chamo. What is the band like? What kind of atmosphere can I expect in the club? Established locations are considered as well as smaller clubs -  Join!

Weekly Live Jazz & jam sessions

Tuesdays 21.00

Zig Zag Live Jam:

Energy - Jazz

Free Entry

Tuesdays 22.00 

Edelweiss Live Jam: 

Energy - Jazz Funk and R&B 

Entry 3 euro

Thursdays 18.00 - 22.00 (1st and 2nd week of the month)

Jazzy Berlin All star Bandstand - At The Butcher. 

Energy - Berlin vibes

Entry - Free

Wednesdays 21.00

B Flat Live Jam

Energy - Jazz 

Free Entry


Wednesdays 21.00 

Zoch - New orleans Band: 

Energy - Smokey 

Free Entry

Thursdays 19.00 - 22.00

Spinnrad Live Jazz

Energy - Jazz In the Neighborhood  

Free Entry


Jazz Boat Berlin: 

Energy - Intimate smooth Jazz 

Make a reservation

Fridays 22.00

Bei Ernst Live Jam: 

Energy - Jazz 

Free Entry

Every Night 22.00

Hat Bar Live Jam: 

Energy - Jazz/ Free Entry

Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 10623

Saturdays Midnight 00.00

A Trane Live Jam: 

Energy -  Jazz

Free Entry

How to find the best

   place in Berlin for Jazz? 

Well this is a tricky one, when you talk about Jazz and especially when you talk about Berlin. Because sometimes Berlin doesn't like to tell all her secrets to a newcomer. It definitely happened to me when I first came here. In addition, the city seems to have two kind of moods: an East side mood and a Western one. The West side is a kind of a sophisticated lady and the East is more like a Bebop bad boy. 

So before you go out to look for jazz in Berlin, the question will be, what kind of Jazz do you like? Vocal, instrumental, free Jazz? Jazz Jam? Here is a list of clubs, filtered for you by moods. 

A. a.b.c

West side

Jazz mood - High society 

A trane international Jazz Club

food - no 

East side

Jazz mood - Good mood Jazz

B Flat Balkan and local Jazz

Food - yes (small things)

West side 

Jazz mood - German Jazz tavern 

Yorckschlösschen Jazz and Blues

food - yes (amazing food)

West side 

Jazz mood - it's new club, so kind of - something good going on 

Zig Zag - local and international jazz

food - yes (small Mediterranean dishes)

East side

Jazz mood - experimental  

JazzKeller69 avantgarde

food - no

East side

Jazz mood - Local & educational *also jazz for children's 

Schlot - local jazz 

food - yes

West side

Jazz mood - film noir 

The Hat Bar - Live Jazz cocktail bar

Food - no

West side 

Jazz mood - Funky and soul 

Quazimodo Jazz Club

food - no

in addition 

If your on Exploration mood -

Find local concerts at our weekly event mail

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