Jazz Guide 2016/17

 Danke Jazzy! 

Carry on with the good and informative work! Mark”; Yeah I'm excited to receive jazzy mails from you! Cheers Tobi”; Ich bin jazzy :) Zonya

The marvelous Jazzy Berlin Jam Session 

Community Events 2016

Tuesdays weekly at Klunkekranich 

3.5 KlunkerKranich - Jazzy Berlin sunset jam, Special guest. Daniel El Congo;  6.5 Jazzy at Xjazz fest - Koba Bar, Host Lionel Haas; 10.05.16 Klunkerkranich - Jb Sunset jam, Host Lionel Haas; 17.05.16 Klunkerkranich - Jb Sunset jam, Special guest Baron Arnold; 24.05.16 Klunkerkranich - Jb sunset jam, Special guest Fuasi Abdul -Khaliq; 31.05.16 Klunkerkranich - sunset jam, Special guest Reiner Hess