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Hi Guys, I have a dream! ...and oh oh it already going to put me into troubles! There is so much fresh music out there now, I feel like a new frequency of songs writing and music playing has started! So...I had this stomach dream feeling suddenly.. What if I try to make The 1st Berlin Soul/ Hip Hop/ Be Bop Berlin based Festival. Wow! But will it work? I'm sure that some people are laughing at me and maybe they should, as I have a small budget in my pocket to make it happen. But the thing is that I'm in love with the idea, and will do everything I can to make it come to reality. So maybe at the end of my dream, I'm going to stand there alone with only a few people? Maybe, but what left for me is to work hard, to lower my expectations, and to try to make even one person happy like he was one Million. - Here we Go!

 Danke Jazzy! 

Carry on with the good and informative work! Mark”; Yeah I'm excited to receive jazzy mails from you! Cheers Tobi”; Ich bin jazzy :) Zonya”.


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