Berlin Jazz Community Guide 2017-18

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Sometime it's just feels good

Hi, Avi here. Yes, this is what we've been waiting for...

The Dussmann Jazz department wants to present Jazzy Berlin's artist of the year.

We are not a label, we didn't call them, it just happened. 

After all these great years with you guys, it just feels so good. Thank you :)

- Jazz is Back to the Streets -
Jazzy Berlin Live Tuesdays at Klunkerkranich Rooftop

 Danke Jazzy! 

Carry on with the good and informative work! Mark”; Yeah I'm excited to receive jazzy mails from you! Cheers Tobi”; Ich bin jazzy :) Zonya”.


To keep the conversation personal, Jazzy Berlin is adding three subscribers each month. Please be patient. We are looking forward to have you. 

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