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Alfred Lion Gotenstrasse 7 Berlin

Dear Jazz dogs, 

I really like this shit;; change of seasons, because it's a change, 

like chords, like life.

Starting this winter, at our Jam session, I will try to make a little experiment.

I must say it wasn't my idea, it was the music who asked it to happen.

So drop in, It's all for you Jazzy dogs, all for the music.

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Jazzy Berlin Community.

jazy berlin jam session

We go high only when we cut all the bulshit around us  

Danke Jazzy! 

Carry on with the good and informative work! Mark”; Yeah I'm excited to receive jazzy mails from you! Cheers Tobi”; Ich bin jazzy :) Zonya

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Klixst. no 1 10823 Berlin Germany 

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