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 Jazz Clubs list 2017

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Zig Zag Jazz Club 

Vocal and instrumental Jazz

A jazz club in the southwest of Berlin, in a very special, cozy atmosphere. Sit in stylish ambience in the chair and listen to the best national and international artists from the fields of jazz, funk, soul, blues, and much more! All with free admission!


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ON the corner of Berlin

Berlin Jazz Boat

Live Jazz For The Weekends

Concerts will be on Fridays 20.30 H (inside) and Saturday's by nice weather, outside (on the side deck - Deckshaus) - from 18.00 till 21.00. On a bad weather day concerts will be inside the boat, from 20.30 H on. 2017 will kick off  with "The Berlin Jazz Quartet" with some great musicians on board. Check it out.


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In the Neighborhood

Please Notice

 smokers and non smokers are welcome!

Spinnrad Jazz Club 

Jazz and Blues

A neighborhood club out of the usual places. I went there last week to meet Stefan, the new young boss of this old ship. The streets were empty, film noir kinda feeling. Inside a girl with tattoos sat with her boyfriend, while on the other side a band played Jazz. The place is small, smokey and very friendly. And the way to get there is part of it.  Every Thursday 19:00 -22:00 Live Jazz - Program


Search for the Jazz point and you will find it - Ah

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High society Jazz 

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THE A TRANE An International Jazz Club

On the small stage of this intimate jazz club you can listen to artists like Herbie Hancock, Diana Krall and more. Entry is free on Monday with Andreas Schmidt and friends, on Saturday midnight 12.30am there is a late-night jam session.* Better to book a ticket in advance.

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B FLAT Balkan and 

local Jazz

One of Berlin's hottest clubs. Everyone at some point mentions this place being a fine club with a good sound system. Some will say the drinks are not particularly cheap, but the price of admission for first class performances is quite reasonable


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Jazzy Berlin Jam: 

The Winter 


Wednesdays 18.00-22.00: 

Live Hot Jazz

Jazz is Back to the Streets -

The New Jazzy Berlin Jam Session Experience   Info 


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The most brave Jazz club in Berlin with the most extreme Jazz on stage. The place is ran by volunteers and has fine atmosphere. 


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Home for Jazz and Blues

This tavern is a true melting pot. Everybody meets here - young and old, poor and rich - and no-one takes exception to anyone else. With a "persistence bordering on stubbornness" (Zitty 18/95), nothing is changed here, and time seems to have stood still - which is the way the guests like it. 


Hat Bar Jazz Club

Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 10623 Berlin Tel. 0170 4889839

Badenscher Hof 

Badensche Straße 29 030 8610080

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