Jazzy Berlin First JAZZLetter

Posted by Jazzy Berlin on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's not about the jazz,

It's all about the people.


Dear Jazz lovers,


I have so many exciting things to share with you,
Ever since I started my Jazzy Berlin Website, I had the chance

to meet so many great jazzy people. Danke dafür!

So what is happening in Berlin:

Let's start with ''The secret jazz mission

Well, I always knew, that jazz musicians are special people

but in what way? Dear people, listen carefully: It's their 

ability to listen, to be in the present 100 percent. As you 

can see here in this trailer, check the video. 

e gonna celebrate the premiere of the full video with a 

special party this friday in the KaterHolzig.  Join us. 


Behind the scene of the Jazz Mission 

Wednesday swing and jazz tour

From now on every wednesday there will be a Jazzy Berlin Tour

If you want to know about  Berlin’s vibrant past and present in jazz, join me. 

Maybe you will end up playing on stage.

In last week’s Jazzy Berlin Jam we opened a mini exhibition about Berlin’s

Jazzy people: Epic moments ''It's not about history, it's happening now''.

(Photos by: Anthony Toci, Pascal Messmer)

Every jam session is different, but Berlin is the perfect 

place for jazzy drama. Anthony Toto and Pascal Messmer 

managed to catch jazzy moments. View all the pics

That’s what I call a jazzy moment 

Jazz tonight!

If you are looking for a good jazz show in town, B flat, A trane, Jazzkeller 69,

we have it all for you in one place: This is our new jazz clubs program page 

When I saw you. Jazzy's new song

I will close this jazz letter with a 
new song that I wrote 

I hope it will give you a Jazzy breezy moment.

You can answer this jazzletter, tell me about your jazzy ideas and

to keep in touch.

Have a Jazzy day from me to you all! J.



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