Did you heard about the new jazz experience in the KaterHolzig?

Posted by JB on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The New Berlin Jazz Experience


Something fresh and beautiful is happening in Berlin. 

For a couple of months now in a small room on the 

second floor of Kater Holzig Club, things are getting jazzy. 

Some people’s first impression might be, that there must 

be a mistake, when deep contrabass and classic saxophone 

sounds are coming through the walls of the famous techno 

and electro club – but when they check out, what’s going 

on on the other side, they don’t want to leave the packed 

room full of amazing music and energy. You just want to 

stay at the Jazzy Berlin Jam Session! 

Every Friday night about 150 people are enjoying, exploring 

and dancing to the classic, free, modern, funky, bluesy, 

hiphoppy ways of jazz. Because you never know what comes next!

Jazzy who?

It’s all happening because of a passionate guy called Jazzy 

Berlin. The singer and composer left Israel and came to Berlin 

for love one and a half years ago. He decided to take the Berlin 

Jazz back where it belongs: to the dance floor.

He started building a community, trying to help musicians to 

find gigs in Berlin, connecting people, sharing the joy of jazz 

music, breathing new life in Berlin’s traditional jazz scene - 

and celebrating every friday in the Kater Holzig. Because as 

he says: “It's not about the jazz, it's all about the people. 

That’s why there is also a little photo exhibition and THIS 

FRIDAY the Jazzy Berlin Jam celebrates the 

SECRET JAZZ MISSION Video premiere! A mission that 

only jazz musician can take. 100 % Berlin!

You are most welcome to join this jazzy experience! 




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